About Us

A life dedicated to scale modelling and history

Pietro & his wife Simonetta – Ireland

More than 50 years into scale modelling..

Hi, my name is Pietro Malaguti and I was born in Italy in 1955. Since 2014 I live and work in Ireland as a Web Developer and IT consultant. But my true passion – and now a work – is about scale modelling. I started to model in 1965.

In the past 5 years I developed a huge experience into 3D printing techniques and in 2019 I founded the brand 3D Models Kits with a dear friend who still lives in Italy. He’s a talented 3D designer and so we decided to start a production of highly-detailed and historically correct scale models.

I’m also a professional modeler, please visit my website at https://promodels.it.

I am member of IPMS Ireland and IPMS Italy.