an entire life dedicated to scale models

In 1965 – when I entered officially in the world of scale modeling – my first attempt to make a scale aircraft was an Airfix Dornier 217 in 1/72 scale. I was ten years old and so far my long career as a scale modeler never stopped. Still learning, always learning.

It’s a true love and passion what moves one to become a scale modeler. It’s a sort of “Zen” practice where the resul is a complex combination of many aspects: you must be able to work with your hands, with extreme care and patience; you need to study before starting any model; you must be sklled in many disciplines such as  painting, welding, woodworking, and nowadays this compendium is addedto new capacities like working on a CAD, have a skill on 3D printers and be ready to create, not just to assemble pre-made parts.

3D Models Kits was born to offer scale miniatures from modelers to modelers. Our team counts an engineer, specialized in CAD design, stakeholders, suppliers, and experts helping our activity to grow day by day.

Thank you for your visit and your interest in our work.