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Announcing the new Savoia-Marchetti SM79 detail set


After a long designing work, we now eventually introduce our high-quality 3D printed resin set to fix the many errors found on 1/48 Trumpeter SM79

Among the bombers of the Regia Aeronautica during the 2nd World War, the Savoia Marchetti SM79 was certainly the most representative.

Born in the late 1930s as a transport aircraft, it became famous as the winner of some of the most prestigious trophies in international competitions.
Since the Regia Aeronautica did not have a modern design bomber on line, it decided to exploit the capacity in terms of payload and speed of the SM79 by modifying it for war use.
The debut as a bomber took place in the Spanish Civil War, and then extended its use to other squadrons and theatres at the outbreak of the second conflict.
The torpedo version was a further development of the SM79, and it was in this version that it enjoyed the greatest success.

From a scale modeling point of view, the SM79 was issued on a smaller scale (1/72) by Airfix with a kit that is now obsolete and in the early 2000s by Italeri, with a well-made kit.
In the quarter scale (1/48) the first kit to be available was that of SMER, still available today but obsolete, then the Classic Airframes, in the early 2000s.
This kit (a short run to be exact) reproduced a plane from the Spanish war, and therefore a bomber, it was also quite valid, but unfortunately nowadays it is very difficult to find.
A few years later Trumpeter put on the market an injection mold kit that reproduced the torpedo version, but from the beginning it raised many criticisms for blatant errors (the shape of the engine hoods, the excessive fabric bulges on the fuselage) and also many shortcomings (a cockpit as well as completely wrong also very lacking in details).
3D Models Kits was intended to offer to model makers the possibility of reproducing this kit in a bomber version, but correcting the most obvious errors by providing different sets to replace the wrong parts.
Over the years, when a new kit became available, photo-etched kits appeared on the market almost immediately to give more detail to the details and to the models themselves.
The stereolithography printing technology used by 3D Models Kits offers a visual quality that goes far beyond photoetching, allowing for a realism that was previously unattainable.

So, at 3D Models Kits, we decided to design a number of corrections to transform the Trumpeter’s Sparviero into a top-quality model. We have divided the whole work in 4 separate kits that can be purchased either singularly or all together with a certain discount.

  • A – External details: landing gear wheels with 2 tread patterns, engine cowlings and exhaust anular manifold, stabilizers
  • B – Cockpit details: floor and walls, bulkheads, instrument panel, column sticks, seats
  • C – Bomb bay: sliding canopy in open position to reveal our Breda SAFAT machine gun, bomb bay bonnet, internal structure, bomb bay doors, walkway and 5 250 kg. bombs (the full payload of a Sparviero)
  • D – Rear fuselage: Bomber’s devices, walkways, fuselage access door with ladder, equipment.

At the end you can now realize a corrected Sparviero with stunning details also for a diorama.