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Bentley 4.5 Litre “Blower” spoked wheel

This kit is proposed to replace the wrong 1/12 Airfix kit's plastic and rubber wheels
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This beautiful set of 5 spoked wheel has been designed to replace the wrong wheels in 1/12 scale by Airfix. It’s definitely a good kit for its age and the most visible error is the junky wheels provided with the kit.

So we decided to sell these beautiful wheels that come complete (no needs to assemble anything). The tiny spokes are reproduced in all its glory and this gives the big Bentley a touch of professional look. All wheels are printed with an empty tyre and tassels to close the draining holes on the tyre itself.
Now you can realize this great kit with a perfect look.

We can print the wheels also in 1/24 scale to fit the old Heller kit.

See here the unboxing by Geoff Coughlin:


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