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KADS EN400 High-Speed modeler’s electric drill

One of the most useful tools in a modeler's workshop.
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After a 6 month test in our workshop we decided to add this produc to our current range of selected items.

The big advantages that this drill presents is the extreme lightweight handling and the possibility to operate on the speed from 0 to 30,000 rpm. This feature allows the modeler to choose the best speed for the material he’s actually using.


– Easy to use speed control.

– Automatic safety overload protection system

– Light weight pen design for comfortable grip and easy to use
– Include 6 standard bits/filing heads

– Color: Black
​- Product Brand: KADS
– RayInput Voltage:220&110 AC
– Power Max: 35W
– Rated Speed:0-30000RPM
– Plug Standard: EU plug(220V) / US plug(110v)
– Main Controller Size: 130*130*80mm(LxWxT)
– Drill bits shaft diameter 2.30 mm.
– Total Weight: 1047g



– 1pc Electric Nail Drill Machine

– 1pc Handpiece

– 1 x Silicon Stand

– 6 x Metal Grinding Drill Bits

– 6 x Sanding bands


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